The Armagh Rhymers

Established in the late 1970s, The Armagh Rhymers are Northern Ireland's oldest professional theatre company. The Armagh Rhymers have also fascinated audiences world wide. They have played festivals such as Milwaukee Irish Festival, Dublin Ohio Festival, Glastonbury Festival, New Orleans Heritage and Jazz Festival, Smithsonian Festival, Assite J of Korea, Palais de Beaux Arts, and Citee de la Musique.

The Armagh Rhymers are committed educationalists. Using arts, drama, history and music to enhance education in literacy and languages, or understanding and tolerance, their work has been supported by educational bodies in Ireland and the UK for over 30 years. They are pioneers in a multicultural approach to solving conflict in the community, bringing together children from different backgrounds and religions in Ireland and beyond. In 2011 their arts and science project OASES received the international UNAWE award.

Ceremonies performed by the Armagh Rhymers are based on primary sources of ancient history such as the Annals of the Four Masters as well as local secondary sources such as TGF Patterson's "Harvest Home" from the Armagh Miscellany. Re-enactment of ancient rites through dance, poetry, music and song transport audiences and participants to another time in history, allowing them an experience of Ancient Ireland indeed!!!

The Armagh Rhymers are also noted for their contribution to Health and Well-Being working with many disadvantaged sectors of society, (from Special Needs and Elderly groups to socially challenged and marginalised communities). Everyone enjoys a good laugh and a hearty song!!!