The MakeyUppers: Mystery Bag

CSI (Curious Story Investigators) Rita Book and Goodie Reed have stumbled upon a long lost mystery bag and need help in their investigation to discover who owns it and how it ended up so lost for so long.

An interactive performance of storytelling and craic unlike anything you will have seen before!

Sorcha Shanahan and Gemma Walker are experienced actors and facilitators who will lead this interactive performance in character as ‘Curious Story Investigators’. They arrive with a ‘mystery bag’ of objects which will form the basis of a prop-based storytelling workshop. The participants are guided through various steps towards making up a mini story about who owned the ‘mystery bag’ and where it came from. This story will then inspire an original spontaneous performance lead by the two actors with the participants providing additional dialogue and sound effects, etc. 


The show can last between 30mins and 3 hours, with costs varying depending on selection.

Due to its flexible nature, this family friendly show is suitable for a wide variety of events and organisations. It can be a stand-alone piece of interactive entertainment for all age groups and abilities. It can also be tailored to fit with specific themes or events, including Key Stage requirements of the curriculum for schools and educational events.

Please Note: The MakeyUppers have a diverse range of shows and activities. For more information please give us a call!